LOWERY’S Collector’s Number: GW23
at least one printing
Big Little Book® published in 1933; ©1932-33 John F. Dille Company.
Hard cover; Standard size: 3 5/8” x 4 1/2” x 1 1/2”; 320 pages.
Author: Phil Nolan. Artist: Lt. Dick Calkins.

Cover Artist: Lt. Dick Calkins.


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Buck Rogers first appeared in Phil Nowlan's science fiction tale titled Armageddon—2419, published in Amazing Stories in August of 1928. The story debuted as a newspaper comic on January 7, 1929, and on CBS radio November 7, 1932. Originally titled The World in 2432, the program was noted for its sound effects: a regiment of marching robots, the crash of a rocket ship. The daily 15-minute serial, sponsored by Kellogg in its first year, was an immediate hit.

The program produced a flood of premiums and toys. When Cocomalt took over sponsorship, several BLB-type premiums were produced. Cream of Wheat took over sponsorship in 1935 and stayed with the program until May 1936 when it came to an end.

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