LOWERY’S Collector’s Number: SW25
at least one printing
Big Little Book® published in 1939.
Hard cover; Standard size: 3 5/8” x 4 1/2” x 1 1/2”; 432 pages
Author: Adapted from the work of Earl Derr Biggers by an unknown author. Artist: Alfred Androla.

Cover Artist: Alfred Androla.


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Charlie Chan first showed up on radio on December 2, 1932. The NBC Blue network ran the program on Friday nights. It was sponsored by Esso and starred Walter Connolly as Chan. The show lasted less than a year, ending on May 20, 1933.

About this time, Sidney Toler starred as Chan in a long, successful series of "B" movies.

Chan again showed up in October 1937 as a 15-minute serialized program on Mutual. It ended in April 1938. He appeared one more time on ABC, June 8, 1944. It ended on August 11, 1947.

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